Dutch Company Resurrects the Detroit Electric Co

If alternative fuels are the future, one automaker is looking to the past to get there. In 1939, the last electric car company, Detroit Electric closed its doors. Now a Dutch based company purchased the rights to the historic name and announced Tuesday that it plans to produce affordable electric cars by the end of 2009.

The original Detroit Electric had to close because its technology could not keep up with the advances in internal combustion cars. Like the first of the new generation of electric cars, they were often laughed off as mere novelties.

The new Detroit Electric believes that the technology is finally available where electric motors can be just as practical as any gas-powered car. The sports car that was demonstrated can go from 0 to 60 mph in under five seconds and travel 200 miles on one charge with a battery that can be charged from any standard power outlet (albeit, it needs at least seven hours for a full charge).

Despite the name, the first of these cars will begin selling in Malaysia but the company is also speaking with several German automakers regarding distribution through them. It’s unknown how long it could take the Detroit Electric to reach Detroit.

Source: Detroit Free Press