Drunk Man Beats Up 15 Parked Mazdas, Causes $50,000 in Damages

Edward Roth really doesn’t like Mazdas — at least, that’s what it looks like.

At around 3 am, the 22-year-old man walked onto John Hine Mazda in San Diego’s Mission Valley and did his best Albert Pujols and Anderson Silva impressions on 15 unsuspecting Mazdas. Why? Police don’t really know. But thanks to the dealer’s security cameras, the whole slugfest was caught on tape.

The video shows a stumbling man kicking doors and bashing in windows with a rock, his mobile phone, and another blunt object. As a final touch, he throws a bench seat into one of the dealership’s windows.

Police got to the scene and found Roth belligerent and uncooperative. As such, they eventually Tased him and booked him on felony burglary and vandalism charges.

Total cost for this wannabe MMA/MLB star’s shenanigans: A cool $50,000 and some change, not including the vehicles’ depreciation. Call it Strike One.

Click the link below to watch the whole video.

Source: Fox 5 San Diego

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