Dream Theater: Watch a 1959 Triumph TR3A Slide Around French Backroads

The latest episode of “Morning Coffee”

Sometimes, a shot of fresh espresso isn’t enough to get the blood pumping in the morning. For those groggy moments, Petrolicious offers its “Morning Coffee” series,  which perks you up with running footage of a vintage sports car driven in anger. Continuing the British theme from the previous Aston Martin DB4 GT episode, “Morning Coffee” is back with a 1959 Triumph TR3A.

The video begins with the silent driver, Stadler Patrick, overlooking a picturesque French valley. His little Triumph starts with a bark that settles into a low rumble. There isn’t much power from the tiny four-cylinder — this car is best enjoyed with low-friction tires.

The low-slung roadster scuttles its way through the countryside until Patrick comes to a crossroads. He takes the snowbound mountain path, sliding the TR3A through the rocky backroads.

It might not be going very fast, but the TR3A certainly looks good doing it. The TR3 is the final roadster from Triumph to wear curvaceous bodywork. Later models like the TR5 and TR6 were masculine, muscly drop-tops that are aggressive counterparts to the TR3’s classic 1950s appearance.

Watch the 1959 Triumph TR3A slide around the French countryside in the video below.