Dream Theater: A Regularly Driven 1954 Jaguar D-type

Ride ‘em, don’t hide ‘em

If you had a priceless, historically important, irreplaceable blue-chip vintage race car, we have a feeling you wouldn’t roll it out of the climate-controlled, hermetically sealed garage unless the sky was cloud-free, the temperature was above 65 degrees, and you had an entire fleet of skilled mechanics following you. That’s fine and reasonably understandable, considering the eight-figure price tags of some classics. However, if you’re anything like Terry Larson and his 1954 Jaguar D-type, you don’t really care what the weather is outside, as long as you have a good road to drive on.

That’s right; if you watch the newest episode of Petrolicious, you’ll catch a glimpse of what a numbers-matching Jaguar D-type looks like when covered in snow. Larson isn’t shy about putting miles on his priceless factory works D-type, admitting he’s probably put more miles on the car than anyone has, ever.

This particular D-type, wearing serial number OKV 2, never claimed the Le Mans win it was predicted to win. During the 1954 24 Hours of Le Mans, the car ran into a batch of bad gas, causing an untimely DNF.

Now, after purchasing the car in 1999, Larson tours behind the wheel as much as he can, driving it in hail, torrential rain, and snow. It’s traveled all over the world, from the Monterey Historics all the way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Check out Terry Larson’s 1954 Jaguar D-type in the newest episode of Petrolicious below.