Dream Theater: A Look at What Makes the Lancia Stratos so Legendary

An ex-F1 driver and his Stratos

Earlier this year, the mighty Lancia Stratos celebrated 40 years since its final WRC championship win back in 1976. It was a celebration to remember – 40 Stratos’ (Stratoses? Strati?) gathered in Biella, Italy, where participants were offered a rare opportunity to flog their mid-engined rally-wonder on some incredibly scenic rally stages. Didn’t get the memo? Neither did we. Thankfully, the talented team over at Praemio did, and were on-hand to capture some fantastic footage of the event, and went behind the scenes with one of the well-known drivers in attendance.

Well-known racing driver Erik Comas was one of those hotshoes at the event. He brought along his own Stratos, a competition-prepped example that he uses in vintage racing events. To commemorate the meeting of the Stratos’, he teamed up with watchmaker Zenith to create a limited run of 40 El Primero watches, each timepiece featuring special design on the bottom subdial.

It’s a great video, and Comas ripping through the Italian countryside is a reminder of what made the Stratos such an instant icon back in the 1970s. If you want to see and hear the Ferrari-engined Lancia in action, check out the newest episode of Praemio below.

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