A 1,200-Mile Adventure with Dutch Safari Company and a Pair of Vintage Range Rovers

The newest project from Praemio

Importing a car isn’t easy. Behind every imported Nissan Skyline, Audi RS2, and Porsche 959 in the U.S. is a truckload of customs documents and bureaucratic red tape. It’s not ideal, but sometimes the only way to get the car of your dreams is to look beyond your country’s shoreline. Luckily, a whole car importation industry has emerged as a result, and our friends over at Praemio just released a mini-documentary of their time exploring Texas with one of the best Land Rover and Range Rover importers around.

The Dutch Safari Company emerged after childhood friends Erica Plumlee and Nick Van Den Akker imported their first Land Rover from Europe, discovering in the process that it would be more cost-effective to import multiple cars per trip. Four years since they drove their first imported Landy off the docks, they have emerged as one of the largest and most respectable classic car importers in the States.

Dutch Safari Co Range Rover Big Bend Erica and Nick

They bill themselves as a “classic car concierge,” offering an easy and reliable way to get the cars we Yanks never got to enjoy when new. Just let them know exactly what you’re looking for, and DSC will track it down, bring it to the States, and if you want, clean it up and fix any outlying mechanical issues it may have.

If you don’t want to wait, no problem — they maintain a healthy stock of classic 4x4s that are mechanically sound. If they say a car in their inventory is ready to serve as a daily driver, they mean it. DSC ensures every “daily driver” they sell is capable of going anywhere, at any time, without breaking down.

Dutch Safari Co Range Rover Big Bend Picnic

Since kicking-off the importation business full-scale, the duo has been unable to go on as many adventures as they’d like. To prove the rugged dependability of their classic Ranges, Praemio tagged along with Plumlee and Van Den Akker as they ran two classic Rovers over 1,200 miles around Texas. The SUVs are right at home at dusty Big Bend, traipsing up rocky slopes and sliding through sandy embankments.

It’s a great story with some seriously cool visuals, so make sure you check out Praemio’s latest project in the video below.