Discounted Hybrids In Your Future

Keep scanning those Sunday papers.

Auto dealers are tossing around more competitive hybrid financing and leasing offers, as the gasoline-electric segment continues to mature.

According to R.L. Polk & Co, hybrid vehicle registrations were up 38 percent in 2007 compared to 2006 numbers. This means that with 350,289 new hybrids on roads, gasoline-electric car shoppers will soon see a healthy used hybrid marketplace affected by all the laws of supply and demand.However, Principal Jerry Thompson suggests consumers shouldn’t hold their breathe for any spectacular hybrid deals.

“Hybrids are holding their residual values at a higher percentage than non-hybrids,” Thompson says, attributing the recent surge in hybrid interest to lower payments and increased consumer demand.

Additionally, rising gasoline prices may have an even more profound affect on the new and used hybrid marketplace., which claims to be the world’s largest automotive lease marketplace, says it is seeing a greater number of hybrid vehicle listings and more hybrid lease transfers since the beginning of 2008.

AAA data shows the national average for regular unleaded fuel has risen steadily each month since then.

Most automakers will continue to increase hybrid production this year, as even older models such as the Chrysler Aspen and SUVs are getting alternative powertrain.