Detroit 2011: China’s BYD Hits American Shores with the S6 and F3

BYD gets points for effort when it comes to the S6 Dual Mode SUV and F3 DM sedan. One is a ripoff of the last generation Lexus RX, the other a Toyota Corolla. The tech is similar to that of the Chevrolet Volt. Both the BYD S6 (no relation to the Audi S6) and F3 pack an electric motor powering the front wheels and a gas one for the rears. BYD has actually already made inroads into the US market with the introduction of a fleet of their F3 sedans to the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. Let’s hope that the roof-mounted solar panels make the best of LA’s sunshine to charge up the F3’s batteries. Although our jury is still out on how BYD’s vehicles and solar-for-all plan will pan out, in the mean time, please toss me the keys to our 2011 Automobile of the Year, the Volt.