Detroit 2009: Subaru Legacy concept

Even though 2008 was “a pretty good year” for Subaru (it had its highest market share in the U.S. in more than twenty years), the company still managed an underwhelming press conference at the 2009 Detroit show. For most of the day, Subaru’s Legacy concept–the primary focus of its 4:40 pm presentation–was uncovered for all to see. The conference itself featured one solitary live presenter and a translated video from the car’s designer, Osamu Namba.

The concept looks good but not outstanding in the flesh, and it’s quite clear that Namba has been checking out some of Mercedes-Benz’s new products: note the R-class headlights, the C-class hood ridges, and the S-class fender flares. The grille has an Audi-like trapezoid, as well. The four-seater features all-wheel drive, like every other Subaru on the market today, and the concept’s 3.6-liter boxer six puts the power down through nineteen-inch wheels. has more details HERE.