Detroit 2009: A Brilliant Show from Brilliance Auto?

While some Chinese automakers used the Detroit show to announce their intent on entering the U.S. market, Brilliance Auto – a newcomer to the North American International Auto Show – didn’t.; Rather, Brilliance vice president He Guohua said the show was “an excellent platform to measure our success by international standards.”

To do so, the Shenyeng-based firm brought four models to Detroit: the M1, M2, M3, and FRV hatchback.; Notably absent was the Jinbei minivan, a Toyota-derived minivan that’s said to be quite popular in China since its introduction in 1992.

Toyota was but one of the names dropped during the presentation; Brilliance seems quite proud of its partnerships with numerous European firms, though it didn’t extend much detail into the nature of their relationship.; The sporty M3 reportedly exudes “Porsche technology,” engines were developed with the German FEV firm, styling performed by ItalDesign, and build techniques were reportedly gleaned from BMW – odd, considering Brilliance’s use of the M3 nameplate…

Still, Brilliance seems intent on expanding its horizons.; Last year, the firm exported more than 22,000 vehicles to more than seventy countries.; We doubt the U.S. will be one of them for some time yet, but corporate directors are seriously targeting the North American market for future expansion.