Detailed Vehicle Safety Data Now Available Online

You can now peruse some of the early warning safety data manufacturers provide to government regulators, thanks to a court ruling in favor of consumer rights activists.

The data, updated quarterly, includes details on deaths, injuries, and property damage caused by alleged vehicle malfunctions. Automobile and tire manufacturers have been required to pass along this information to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ever since the Ford Explorer tread separation debacle, but the agency has fought consumers’ demands to make it public. Now that data, minus any information that could be used to identify an individual, is online.

Consumer groups are applauding the move, but say the NHTSA should add more information like warranty claims and make the database easier to use. We tried out the website, and found the link to “Early Warning Reports” tucked in the lower right hand corner. It is a bit morbid scrolling through every death and injury reported in the past three months by a given manufacturer, but it could be useful nonetheless. To see for yourself, visit

Source: Detroit News