Design Caterham’s Next Sports Car Online with Project Splitwheel

Remember the last time you saw a new car design and thought, “even I can do better than that?” It just so happens there is virtual car company that wants to hear from you. It’s called project Splitwheel and it’s partnered with Caterham Cars, maker of Lotus 7 replica sports cars.

The goal of the project is to produce the first performance car based solely on the online collaborative decision making of car enthusiasts. Participants will contribute and discuss all design aspects and then vote on what will become the car’s final design. The design will then be transformed into a prototype. If the design is deemed viable from a business standpoint, Caterham could start building the prototype as early as 2010.

The ultimate objective of the project is a full production sports car, but that will depend on economic and market conditions. Registration for the website is free and despite its location in the U.K. the project is open to anyone around the world.

Source: Project Splitwheel