Deep Dive: Bugatti SuperVeyron Planned for Frankfurt

Even more power, even more speed.

Who said the supercar was dead? Just because gasoline in Europe costs more per liter these days than a decent Cote du Rhone? Or because electromobility is looming large in the minds of politicians and visionaries? Despite all that, the supercar is alive and kicking. Take Bugatti, for instance.

Although not even the new McLaren P1 can out-Veyron the Bugatti Veyron, the ultra high-end VW division decided to raise the bar again just for the heck of it. Word from Molsheim is that the horseshoe brand at next fall’s Frankfurt auto show will unveil the Bugatti SuperVeyron. That’s Super as in even more carbon fiber, even more horsepower and, yes, an even more mind-boggling top speed. Driven, as usual, by grandmaster Ferdinand Piech himself, the Ultra Bugatti gets a beefed up 8.0-liter (or 9.6-liter) engine that delivers 1600 hp, which is enough to see the maximum speed soar from 259 mph to an unreal 288 mph. The rumored acceleration time from 0-62 mph is 1.8 seconds, which would better the upcoming Ferrari Enzo replacement and which would make Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull racer a real impediment when the lights turn green.

The secret to all this is a weight saving of almost 550 pounds over the Veyron SuperSport W16. At 3527 pounds, the limited-edition Veyron for the super mad and the super rich achieves a dream power-to-weight ratio of one kg (2.2 pounds) per hp. Expect essentially the same tub but completely new front and rear ends with even more sophisticated active aerodynamics. The price? In excess of $2.5 million.—Georg Kacher, photo illustrations by Scott Olsen