David Beattie’s Tiny Racers

He started building just for himself, 1:32 scale slot-car tracks that are lifelike representations of real racing venues, but David Beattie’s hobby grew into an obsession and then a business: Slot Mods. Located in suburban Detroit, Beattie, his partner Mike Giampetroni, and their crew of six have shipped their painstakingly detailed creations to clients all over the country. Beattie’s magnum opus, a 170-foot track with sections from several different historic venues, is his own setup, located (where else?) in his basement.

1 Ferrari 512 S’s on the Dunlop hill at Le Mans.
2 A Porsche 917 and a Lola T70 in the Loews hairpin at Monaco.
3 Re-created starting grid from the 1971 film Le Mans.
4 Beattie at a Monaco straight, with Monza banking behind.
5 A Ford GT40 crash at the Mulsanne corner at Le Mans. (www.slotmods.com)

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