Cross-Cultural Custom: 1928 Ford Model A Pickup Powered By A BMW V-8

If you follow the hod-rodding scene with any regularity, you’re well aware of the basic formula for a street rod. A ’32-’34 Ford body with some variation of a Chevrolet small-block V-8 (usually around 350 cubic inches) between the front wheels. While the combination of a Ford body and Chevy engine is a proven and time-honored formula, for some, it’s just too common and formulaic. Mike Burroughs is one of those people.

But Burroughs had enough of a respect for heritage and tradition that he had two simple guidelines for building his vintage hot rod. It had to be a classic, iconic body, and it had to have V-8 power. But his 1928 Ford Model A pickup isn’t powered by a Ford flathead, 351 Windsor or Cleveland, or even the ubiquitous 350 Chevy.

It’s powered by a 32-valve DOHC BMW M60 V-8, out of a 1995 740i sedan. As you can imagine, swapping a thoroughly modern engine into a more than 80 year-old vehicle was no simple task, and Burroughs goes into the process of taking the truck, literally held together by duct tape and tow straps, and transforming it into the 1500-lb, 300-hp beast it is today.

More details and a video at the link below. Be forewarned, the soundtrack to the video contains some adult language.

Source: Stanceworks