Create Your Own Zombie-Fighting Hyundai With Walking Dead Chop Shop App

When you’re hot you’re hot, and even though they may be un-dead, zombies are hot. So what better way to market your cars to zombie-obsessed Americans than prominent product placement in a popular cable series, like say “The Walking Dead” on AMC. If you think you can build a meaner, badder zombie-fighting Hyundai than the cars featured in the series, now’s your chance.

Hyundai has unveiled “The Walking Dead Chop Shop” app for iPhones and iPads, in which users can select their Hyundai model of choice, and apply a variety of zombie-fighting accessories to combat the hordes of undead. Among some of the accessory choices are a wrought-iron window cage, grille-mounted knife blades, a mortar launcher, machine gun, and an off-road bumper, among other zombie-thwarting accoutrements. An Android OS version of the app to be offered in the Google Play store is promised to be “coming soon.”

Although the app is primarily for entertainment, the winning vehicle configuration will be chosen to be built in full size by Galpin Auto Sports in time for the 2013 Comic Con in New York.

Watch the video below of the GAS crew explaining the creative process involved in creating a zombie-fighting Hyundai.

Source: Hyundai