Confirmation of the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador Comes From…The EPA?

While it may not come as a surprise to anyone that Lamborghini would plan on producing a roadster version of the much hyped and recently-debuted 2012 Aventador, what may be shocking is how soon it’s been confirmed. No, Lamborghini didn’t announce it. It was the EPA’s fuel economy website that broke the news on the new 2012 Aventador Roadster.

Recently, the EPA’s fuel economy database ( was updated to show 2012 model year data,  since many 2012 models are starting to roll into dealer’s lots and subsequently into consumers hands. Under the website’s 2012 category is where the discovery of the 11/17 mpg (city/highway) Aventador Roadster was made — well before Lamborghini even confirmed its existence.

Speaking of fuel economy, like its roadster sibling, the Aventador Coupe also obtains 11/17 mpg from of its 6.5-liter 691 hp V-12. That’s fairly impressive when you compare the Aventador to its Murcielago predecessor. In 2002, its first year on the market, the Murcielago’s 572-hp, 6.2-liter V-12 could only obtain 8/12 mpg on the EPA test cycle. Consider this a sizable improvement.

Starting with the Diablo, Lamborghini has made it a point to offer a roadster version of its flagship supercar.  The Diablo, which debuted in 1990, spawned a drop-top variant — the VT Roadster — roughly five years after its launch. Subsequently, the Murcielago was released in 2002, and a convertible spin-off arrived two years later.

That a convertible Aventador is planned isn’t surprising; it’s that it’s arriving so quickly after the launch of the Aventador coupe that has people scratching their heads. The fixed-roof coupe goes on sale this summer as a 2012 model, so it’s a little out of the ordinary for Lamborghini to push the roadster out in the same model year — but not entirely impossible. An official reveal of a soft-top Aventador could come later this year, perhaps at the Frankfurt motor show in September, or even the Los Angeles auto show in November.

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