Citroën Readies 2CV-Inspired Model for Production?

Remember the Citroën Revolte show car we saw back in September? According to Auto Express, Citroën is preparing a production form of the concept, which draws its inspiration from the company’s vaulted 2CV.

The production car will reportedly incorporate numerous design cues tying it to the 2CV, and, interestingly, it may actually carry the equally legendary DS nameplate. Auto Express claims the car will be offered as a DS2, allowing it to slot in beneath the new DS3 hatchback.

The Revolte concept was proposed as an extended-range electric vehicle (i.e. there’s a small engine onboard that recharges batteries), but the production DS2/ 2CV will likely sport small-displacement three-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines if it makes it to production.

If the car is greenlighted, expect to see la nouvelle 2CV make its world debut in 2012.

Source: Auto Express