Citroen May Revive DS Nameplate for New Luxury Cars

Although the C3 Pluriel carries some 2CV overtones, Citroen may further play the retro card by reviving the legendary DS nameplate.

Launched in 1956, the original DS (and its eventual stripped-down ID sibling) became an overnight sensation in Europe. Mixing space-age styling with advanced technologies, the car was a hallmark of Citroen’s lineup until its demise in 1975.

Though its successors (CX, XM, and C6) have all evolved the DS’ basic formula, arguably none have managed to capture the original’s style or popularity. Citroen hopes to recapture a bit of the DS’ magic by reintroducing the name.
According to Automotive News, the DS renaissance will consist of no less than three models, including one small car and two midsize models. The lineup will supplement the existing C3 and C5 models, but won’t replace the company’s present flagship, the C6.
Citroen will reportedly show a concept of the small DS – the DS3 – at the 2009 Geneva motor show, and launch the car in 2010. The subsequent DS4 and DS5 models aren’t expected to appear until 2011.
Source: Automotive News Europe