Citroen GT headed to Production?

The Citroen GT supercar is currently only available on your PlayStation 3 – but according to Autocar, that might change soon.

The Citroen GT is a supercar concept that debuted at the 2008 Paris motor show, designed and produced for the Gran Turismo 5 PlayStation 3 video game made by Polyphony Digital. It was an available car in the preview to Gran Turismo 5, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, but was not planned for production.

However, Citroen product head Vincent Besson told Autocar that because of the concept’s popularity, Citroen may build a handful of GTs.

“We are now thinking of a limited run, possibly as many as 20 units,” he said.

Besson didn’t say when the real-life GTs would make it to production, but he did say that the car might be powered by a Ford or GM V-8 powertrain.

Source: Autocar