2005 Citroen C4

The C4 is Citroen’s new midsize entry, available as atwo-door or four-door, both hatchbacks. The fastbacktwo-door sports a hatch design that recalls the HondaCRX, with a second glass panel at the back of thehatch. The Citroen’s innovative features include alane-departure warning system, xenon headlamps thatturn with the front wheels, and a steering wheel witha fixed hub. But the C4’s most exciting feature, atleast for its home-market customers, is a cartridgethat drops into the interior air vent and dispensesperfume–the genius of which is obvious in a countrywith an affinity for Roquefort cheese, Gauloisecigarettes, and, shall we say, a casual attitudetoward the use of underarm deodorant.