Chrysler to Debut Electric Car Prototypes

Building an alternative fuel vehicle seems to be a new requirement for being taken seriously in today’s auto industry, so it is little surprise that Chrysler is now touting its own plug-in hybrid development.

Chrysler will soon show dealers not one but three electric vehicles that it could produce, said Jim Press, the company’s co-president. Chrysler is working with a few battery suppliers, and will focus on developing plug-in hybrids with a total range of 300-miles, Press said. This would be roughly the same as the total range of the upcoming Chevrolet Volt, although Press did not specify how much of that range would be electric only. He added that Chrysler would aim to develop future platforms with electrification in mind.

Press said Chrysler can go ahead with such research on its own, particularly given that it still has full access to Daimler’s technology. Chrysler is currently implementing its two-mode hybrid system, co-developed with Daimler, GM, and BMW, on SUVs and trucks. It introduced the system on its 2009 Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango, and plans to offer it on the 2010 Dodge Ram.

Source: Automotive News