Chrysler Owner’s Manuals to be on DVD

For the 2010 model year Chrysler will be shipping its vehicles with a DVD instead of a paper owner’s manual.

Included with each car will be a 60-80 page manual of the most pertinent information accompanied by a DVD. The DVD will contain several menus with instructional videos covering topics like folding seats down, navigation instruction and warranty information. This is sure to be more helpful than confusing pictures. The DVD can be viewed either at home or in entertainment system-equipped vehicles.

The new virtual manuals will not only save space but also up to 4 lbs. equaling 20,000 trees annually. A full paper manual is still available upon request.

Chrysler is the first automaker to offer a virtual manual, but we expect others to follow suit. What would you put in the glove box if you didn’t have that bulky manual cluttering it up?


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