Chicago 2012: Chevrolet Shows Colorful Sonic Z-Spec, Tjin Concepts

Chevrolet is dead set on shilling its new Sonic subcompact to millennial generation, and showed off the Sonic Z-Spec Hatch 1 and 2 and Tjin Concepts, dressing the Sonic up in highlighter-bright kits.

The two Z-Spec Hatches model what can be done with Chevy’s own factory-engineered accessories. The red Hatch 1 is more sedate with an offset black and white racing stripe, side stripes, and bright white wheels. More sinister is the Sonic Z-Spec Hatch 2 Concept — at first glance, it simply looks like a matte-white Sonic hatchback with black wheels and dark tinted windows. Look more closely, and you’ll see the ground-hugging lower body kit, the small wing spoiler mounted atop the rear hatch, and the gloss-black accents. Ringing the taillights and headlights are bright red rings, giving the Sonic the look that its eyes are bloodshot or that it’s an angry bull about to charge. In person, the effect of the red rings will stop you in your tracks and is a little disconcerting.

Also on display is the Sonic Tjin Concept. Developed by Tjin Edition, Unique Fabrication, and LR Autobody for the 2011 SEMA show, the bright-blue Sonic sedan looks ready to hit the road rally track with its one seat, full roll cage, oversize wing for dowforce, and white five-spoke wheels. Blacked-out, blue-ringed headlight covers hide full LED headlights and carbon fiber panels and lip spoiler make this concept ready to race. A side exhaust port and exposed radiator up the cool factor.

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