Chevrolet Will Bring One Subcompact Concept to Market by 2011

Waiting for the Chevrolet Aveo’s replacement?; Look to 2011, when the bow-tied brand plans on bringing one of its three subcompact concepts, originally shown at the 2007 New York auto show, to the U.S. market.

It won’t, however, be the angular green Beat hatchback you see here.; Although a production version of that car will be built and sold in other countries, GM’s ‘car czar’ Bob Lutz has already confirmed that car, riding on the upcoming Gamma platform, won’t be headed stateside.

But that’s not a sign that GM’s scuttled their small-car programs in the U.S; it is instead a sign that we’ll get one of the other two ‘triplets.’; Chevrolet vice president Ed Peper confirmed that fact with Automotive News, although he didn’t want to comment on which model would arrive.

With the Beat nixed, that leaves the possibility of either the Trax (a hatchback with off-road dreams) or the Groove (a funky five-door with a near-vertical windshield).; Regardless of which design is chosen, either will have significant changes to the front end to improve crash performance.

Source: Automotive News