Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell Tester Hits 100,000 Miles

GM’s test fleet of hydrogen vehicles soldiers on in pursuit of further fuel cell research in development.

A hydrogen-powered Chevrolet Equinox has traveled 100,000 miles in the real world, marking a milestone for General Motors’ fuel cell research and hydrogen technology development program. This vehicle was part of GM’s “Project Driveway” program that launched 119 fuel cell Equinox SUVs for testing on real roads across the country.

GM calculates that this test fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles has saved 157,894 gallons of gasoline overall, as the 119 fuel cell Equinox vehicles have covered 3 million miles as a whole. This particular fuel cell Equinox, which has saved 5260 gallons of gas according to GM, was first in use as a fleet vehicle at the Walt Disney studio in Burbank, CA. Now, it is an engineering development vehicle driven by GM engineers in California.

Hydrogen technology has been part of GM’s alternative fuel research for years, starting first in the 1960s with the Hydrovan and finding new light in the early 2000s with various fuel-cell-powered prototypes. Earlier this year GM announced a new partnership to further develop hydrogen technology with Honda, a notable innovator in hydrogen technology thanks to the Honda FCX Clarity, the closest any automaker has come to producing a mass-market fuel cell vehicle.

GM and Honda reportedly want to complete a co-developed fuel cell system that could be used in production vehicles by 2020. The two automakers will also focus on improving hydrogen infrastructure, one of the major challenges to this technology as it stands today.

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