Chevrolet Cruze WTCC Racer Unveiled

Though you’ve now seen Chevy’s upcoming compact sedan in both European and North American forms, here’s a version you haven’t seen: the Chevrolet Cruze WTCC race car.

This purpose-built machine was designed and constructed to compete in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).; Though the spec racer is all-new, this isn’t Chevy’s first venture into the series.; The new Cruze replaces a race-prepped Lacetti (aka Suzuki Forenza), which has competed in the WTCC for the past three years.

The new car, which uses a 2.0-liter I-4, will make its race debut next year at a WTCC event in Brazil.; Though we’ll see a production Cruze make its way to the U.S. after Europe receives the car, we’re saddened that we won’t receive either this car or the WTCC anytime soon.