Charge Your Electric Car, Download MP3s Simultaneously

Here’s an instance of vehicular multitasking we particularly enjoy: Panasonic’s idea of creating a cable that uploads music and data to an electric car (or a plug-in hybrid) while it charges.

According to Gizmag, the Japanese electronic maker is set to unveil its idea at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Branded High-Definition Powerline Communication (or HD-PLC), the technology allows data to be transmitted across electrical grids.
If it doesn’t sound that radical, that’s because it isn’t – the technology was originally developed several years back to create a home computer network via AC outlets and wiring. Panasonic, however, seems to be the first electronics company to consider its vehicular application.
As interest in electric vehicles grows and plug-in hybrids grow even closer to production, Panasonic believes they create a viable application for HD-PLC. While a vehicle is plugged into an outlet to recharge, it could be possible to send MP3 files, map data, movies, or other files to the vehicle.
It’s an interesting idea, but it would take more than Panasonic’s work to make it take flight – automotive manufacturers, along with their infotainment system suppliers, would have to adopt the standard in order to develop it further. That said, it doesn’t hurt that Panasonic already develops in-car multimedia systems, along with batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles – one-stop shopping, anyone?
Source: Gizmag