CAW Members Approve Strike Against Chrysler, GM, and Ford

Workers represented by the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) union voted in favor of striking against Chrysler, Ford, and GM if it became necessary during new contract talks, according to a report from The Detroit News.

The CAW’s contract with the Detroit 3 expires on September 17th, and union workers voted to authorize the CAW to strike if an agreement cannot be reached with the automakers. The overwhelming majority of CAW members voted to approve a strike if it becomes necessary ; 99 percent of Chrysler CAW members, 98 percent of GM CAW members, and 97 percent of Ford CAW members approved the motion.

The CAW hasn’t carried out a strike since 1996, when it picketed against GM. Recently, the CAW attempted to organize workers at Honda’s Ontario assembly plant. The outcome of the upcoming negotiations with the Detroit Three could influence the union’s success with transplant automakers.

Source: The Detroit News