Caught Red-Handed: Talking, Texting UK Driver Banned From Roads

It’s widely known that using a mobile device behind the wheel is a major offense in several areas, but one British driver apparently never got the message. Officers pulled him over when they saw him talking on a cell phone – only to find out he was texting on another.

Using two mobile phones at once is a blatant disregard for the law, but it gets worse. David Secker was so busy talking and texting away, that it appeared he didn’t even have his hand on the wheel. Better yet, when officers pulled him over, they had to wait for him to finish his conversations before he acknowledged the uniformed men. But Mr. Secker didn’t stop the rule-breaking there: it turns out he didn’t have insurance, either.

Secker’s lawyer, Simon Nicholls, said his client was holding the second phone because he was reading out a phone number to a friend, and that Secker had his hand on the wheel and not using his knees to steer his Vauxhall Tigra.

But the court decided to lay down the law and slap Secker with a fine equivalent to $216, tack on 14 points to his license, and ban him from driving for a year.

It seems as though Secker finally decided to cooperate with the law, saying outside of court, “I think the magistrates treated me fairly.”

Do you think they did?

Source: BBC News

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