Caught: Porsche 911 GT3 Loses Camo, Looks Ready to Race

Though the Porsche 911 is already a competent performer, more potent variants are on the way. One of those variants has just been caught in the wild – the racing-derived 911 GT3. The car is seen practically uncamouflaged, and could preview the design of the actual sports car expected to arrive early next year.

The car still sports a large fixed rear wing, large seven-spoke wheels, and central dual-tip exhaust we spied earlier this year, but this time around, the GT3 gets the aggressive lip spoiler that was missing on the last tester we saw. The rest of the front valance, including the wide intake openings and small side marker lamps, wears little camouflage. From the front, the car could pass for a production vehicle, but things look less production-ready in back. It’s unclear if the wing is attached to the ducktail spoiler for a double-decker setup, or if the ducktail has been placed there to throw us off the GT3’s scent. Either way, the wing looks different from the last one we saw.

As with past GT3 models, the new one is expected to have a minimally trimmed interior to keep weight down, and will likely feature lightweight body panels. These savings could amount to a curb weight about 90 pounds lighter than a standard 911. The GT3 is expected to produce around 450 hp from its naturally aspirated 3.8-liter flat-six – 50 hp more than the current range-topping Carrera S. We think we see a hint of a shift paddle inside — could this be a sign that the company’s PDK dual-clutch gearbox will appear in its most hardcore 911? Only time will tell.


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