Cat for Cops: UK Police Force Runs Jaguar XF Sedans

For the time being, the Crown Victoria remains the patrol car of choice for law enforcement officers in North America. But it seems police in Britain have a new vehicular option: the Jaguar XF.

“Police forces across the country have been evaluating the XF,” said Geoff Cousins, managing director of Jaguar Cars UK. “We are delighted that the team at the Central Motorway Police Group has chosen Jaguar to join its fleet.”
The CMPG, which is tasked with patrolling the Midlands, recently took delivery of seven XF Diesel S sedans, each equipped with a 202-horsepower, 3.0-liter turbo-diesel V-6. Apart from the typical (and vibrant) British checkered police paint, the police-spec XFs are treated only to a slim LED light bar, blue and red LED lights mounted behind the grille insert, and strobe lights integrated into both the front bumper and the rear tail lamps.
As neat as this XF is, we think Jaguar builds a car better suited for police duty. The 510-horsepower XFR, for instance, would make for a great interceptor. In fact, we’re picturing it in the MFP Pursuit paint scheme already
Source: Jaguar
Diesel Pursuit: British Cops Adopt Diesel Jaguar XF as Patrol Car


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