Car and Driver: Chevrolet and Dodge ordered out of NASCAR

No April fools day would be complete without’s annual shocking article. In a move to surely spark an outrage, C/D claims that Obama’s auto task force has chosen Chevrolet and Dodge’s NASCAR teams as the next victims of its cutbacks.

According to the article, Chevrolet and Dodge must pull out of NASCAR by the end of the year or else the government will cut their aid funding. Furthermore, if Ford were to request government assistance, the same requirement would apply. The move would supposedly save more than $250 million dollars between the first two companies.

The decision is said to have come from the task force’s analysis of the value of sponsoring America’s premier racing series. In a supposed statement from the president, the controversial Car of Tomorrow implementation has eliminated any potential benefit from technological development. According to the president’s statement “NASCAR is not proven to drive advancements that transfer from the racetrack to the road, and this nation’s way forward does not hinge on decades-old technology. We need new, and we need innovation.”

The article goes on to say that folks at Chevrolet and Dodge are confident that they will return to the sport once their companies stabilize. What if Chevrolet, Dodge, and maybe even Ford were pulled out of the racing series? There wouldn’t be a field of just Toyotas. Instead other automakers would look into filling the vacancies. Hyundai, in particular, could use this as another opportunity to plug its V-8 powered Genesis sedan.

Could you imagine NASCAR with a field full of Toyotas and Hyundais? I know I can’t. Let’s just hope that the auto task force doesn’t read this and get any ideas.



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