Canceled Production Cars – BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Toyota

The global economic crisis has severely curtailed future product plans for the world’s automakers. Here are some of the casualties – so far.


  • GT, four-door grand tourer
  • M1 mid-engine supercar
  • X4 crossover coupe
  • X7 luxury SUV
  • Z2 small roadster
  • Revived Z8 roadster and coupe


  • New rear-wheel-drive sedan

General Motors

  • G8 GT sport truck
  • Next generation of the Kappa (Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky) architecture
  • New generation of full-size SUVs
  • Future Zeta-platform rear-wheel-drive cars (Impala, Buick)


  • Convertible variant of upcoming CR-Z hybrid
  • S2000 successor
  • Rear-wheel-drive line of cars for Acura
  • Revived
  • V-8 engine


  • C-class convertible
  • R-class replacement
  • S-class four-door coupe


  • Next-generation FJ Cruiser
  • Sport coupe to be shared with Subaru
  • FT-HS hybrid sport coupe

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