Can GM Sell the 2011 Chevrolet Volt to the NASCAR Crowd?

Here’s an interesting question: could a NASCAR fan find something to love in an electric vehicle?

Sure, that’s an odd question – but with the advent of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt, perhaps it’s not that far out.; After all, Chevrolet had the Volt – it’s much-touted “extended-range electric vehicle” – on display at the Texas Motor Speedway, prompting reporters at CNN to simply ask the obvious.

NASCAR, after all, is a different beast altogether – a venue where, despite foreign competition, the all-American V-8 is still an all-powerful king.; As CNN points out, NASCAR’s fans are all about the visceral shake and sound of a powerful engine – something the Volt’s electric operation may lack.

Therein lies a problem for Chevy’s marketing folks – will they sell the Volt as a clean, green vehicle, or one that eliminates America’s dependence on foreign oil?; While CNN argues the first path may attract social progressives with an eye for green living, the latter is more likely to attract conservatives – or as CNN puts it, “the NASCAR crowd” – but they’re uncertain if one message will turn off the other group.

Pete Lewis, a GM manager, explained there is a fear that “if we position this as a ‘pro-American’ car, it will upset some of the environmentally conscious crowd.; We want it to be embraced by everyone.”

As daunting that task may be, it may be easier than the other far-out question CNN proposed: could there ever be a day where NASCAR goes electric?

Perhaps not surprisingly, the reaction was akin to Dylan’s electric transformation.

Source: CNN