Camo’d 2012 Toyota Yaris Spotted Getting Ready in Europe

The Toyota Yaris has been asking for some attention, and the spy photography team over at Motor Trend has captured the re-skinned model due for 2012 in the flesh.

The 2012 Yaris spotted above is wrapped in dark camouflage and hasn’t changed significantly on the exterior. Following the great auto industry crash of 2008 and 2009, Toyota found it made more business sense to merely gift the Yaris with a refreshed body rather than shell out extra cash for a complete redesign. The net effects are light, but not unrecognizable.

Up front, the relatively conservative grille and fascia have been recast for a sportier theme. The grille looks to have taken the shrouded appearance shared with the Prius, with slits replacing mesh. Out back, the taillights appear to be mildly revised from the current style and the newer Yaris even seems to be equipped with rear disc brakes, a step away from the drums used at the moment.

It’ll look different but the 2012 Yaris is expected to utilize the same engines available now. The MT report also says the Yaris is four inches longer, presumably to add a bit more interior volume.

Head on over to Motor Trend to see the full photo set.

Source: Motor Trend