California Utilities Test Electric Mitsubishi i MiEV

Although the miniscule Mitsubishi i MiEV electric car isn’t headed for American showrooms, a handful are destined for two electric utilities in California.

Both Southern California Edison and the Pacific Gas and Electric Company will receive i MiEVs within the next year.; Both companies hope to offer feedback to Mitsubishi on how the cars perform in the U.S, although SCE also plans on testing the impact of re-charging the i MiEV on today’s power grid.

Mitsubishi hasn’t indicated if it plans on bringing the electric i to the U.S, but it’s interesting to note that prior to the Japanese launch of the i MiEV (which is currently underway), the car was extensively tested by Japanese utilities.; If the car does go on sale on this continent, expect to see a price tag equal or above the $25,000 sticker it carries in Japan.