California dealer is first for Teslas electric roadster

Its lauded electric-roadsters aren’t yet rolling off assembly lines, but that didn’t stop Tesla Motors from opening its first dealership in North America.

Located in Los Angeles, Tesla’s first dealer – actually a factory outlet – occupies 10,000 square feet along Santa Monica Boulevard.; Carrying a price tag of nearly $2 million, the store portrays an airy, industrial feel, thanks in part to concrete floors, visible ductwork, and colorful illumination. ;
That appearance will expand as Tesla opens five stores across the country over the next year.; An outlet at its Menlo Park, Calif. headquarters should be open in the summer, while properties in New York, Miami, Seattle and Chicago could be functional by 2009.
Still, cars won’t languish on said concrete floors for long, regardless of location.; With nearly 1000 cars spoken for and only four production cars in existence, it’ll take some time before dealers can build anything close to a surplus.; The company hopes to have nearly 300 examples built by December; by that time, officials hope production rates will grow to 150 cars per month.
Source: Automotive News