C Minus Two: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe Spied Out and About


We’ve known Mercedes-Benz plans to offer a C-Class Coupe to slot in alongside its four-door C-Class sedan and the E-Class coupe, but hadn’t spotted any test vehicles yet. Our friends at Motor Trend, however, caught a test mule out sporting full camouflage.

Mercedes’ upcoming C-Class coupe will be the fourth model based on the 108.7-inch wheelbase C-Class underpinnings. Although dubbed as E-Classes, both the E-Class coupe and E-Class cabriolet ride atop the C-Class sedan architecture. The same is true of the C-Class coupe, so Mercedes had to style and engineer the car to significantly differentiate it from its more expensive two-door siblings.
The styling differences are immediately apparent as the C-Class coupe, despite riding on the same wheelbase, appears smaller than the E-Class coupe. This is due to the reduced rear overhang, taken from the C-Class Sedan, and the shapelier roofline. In keeping with the C-Class’ size relative to the E-Class, Mercedes raked the roof much more, reducing rear-seat headroom. Thanks to the more rakish roofline, the roof flows into the trunk much more smoothly.
The front fascia of the C-Class coupe also looks, as we expected, like a facelifted version of its four-door C-Class siblings. A piece of nicely placed camouflage also covers what is likely the same character line found on the C-Class sedan. All the styling changes to differentiate the C-Class coupe from its more expensive platform-mate make it look sportier and less stately than the E-Class.
According to our sources, that’s exactly the look Mercedes was going for. We learned that Mercedes is aiming for a more dynamic clientele than typical E-Class buyers. The new C-Class coupe is expected to go on sale next March with a new turbocharged, direct-injected V-6 and seven-speed automatic transmission. An AMG and convertible versions may appear, but those projects are currently on hold.
Source: Motor Trend