Buick to channel Opel products

Despite the fact that General Motors may sell its European Opel brand, Buick-Pontiac-GMC vice president Susan Docherty revealed that GM is considering sharing Opel’s platforms with the Buick brand.

“Opel is one of the brands that we’re going to look at in terms of future sourcing,” Docherty told Automotive News. “In fairness, we’ve got to look at everything.

“I wouldn’t want to make a statement that all future Buicks we do will leverage the Opel platform because that wouldn’t be true. The Enclave didn’t use Opel nor did the new LaCrosse sedan. It’s an avenue for us to explore for sure.”

Citing a source familiar with GM’s product plans, Automotive News says the Opel Insignia (pictured) will be rebadged as the 2010 Buick Regal in the U.S. The Insignia was initially slated to become the next iteration of the Saturn Aura sedan, before Saturn’s impending demise.

As far as GM’s efforts to sell Opel are concerned, Docherty says she doesn’t know what will happen. “I don’t know the details of what GM is trying to get done with that restructuring, but even so, we’d stay with the idea that GM utilize all of its global architectural platforms.”

Docherty would not comment on the Buick Regal rumor, but said that as GM downsizes Pontiac, it can add more sedans to Buick’s lineup to keep the Buick-Pontiac-GMC channel balanced. In the future, Buick will be concentrated on sedans and crossovers, she said. “We’re looking at a bunch of stuff from a sedan standpoint. We’re going to add some more sedans, so stay tuned.”

Source: Automotive News