Bugatti Reveals Bright-Yellow Veyron Grand Sport in Qatar

Bugatti has taken advantage of the Qatar Motor Show to reveal this Veyron Grand Sport convertible decked out in bright yellow. The €1.58 million (about $2.05 million) car is what Bugatti calls “an exclusive and uniquely colored model.”

The lower half of the Veyron wears exposed black carbon fiber, while the upper half is painted in bright yellow that was, apparently, one of company founder Ettore Bugatti’s favorite colors. The black-and-yellow theme continues throughout the car: yellow brake calipers peek out from behind black wheels, yellow leather upholstery has black stitching, and the black carbon-fiber dashboard is accented by yellow stitching on the shifter.

Bugatti took the opportunity to remind us that Veyron buyers can customize their cars in almost limitless ways, whether the bumblebee design seen in Qatar or the orange-and-blue Veyrons that bowed at last fall’s Dubai Motor Show. A standard Veyron Grand Sport starts at just €1.4 million, meaning the one pictured here has a significant amount of options baked into its price tag.

Of the 150 examples of the Veyron Grand Sport scheduled for production, Bugatti has already sold 45. That means there are 105 more opportunities for you to buy the world’s fastest, most powerful production convertible. If, of course, you have a few million dollars laying around.

Source: Bugatti