British Woman Planning To Drive 1904 Oldsmobile 2826 Miles Across U.S.

A British woman is preparing to drive across the U.S. — a distance of 2826 miles — in her 109-year-old car. On April 14 next year, Joy Rainey plans to depart Los Angeles in her 1904 Oldsmobile Curved Dash, and aims to reach Daytona Beach, Florida, by May 15. Rainey’s trip will raise £20,000 (about $31,000) for Cancer Research U.K.

The 1904 Oldsmobile doesn’t strike us as the most ideal vehicle for a cross-country road trip. The car’s single-cylinder engine can only propel the Curved Dash at about 25 mph, although we’re told that well-maintained examples can average up to 25 mpg. Unfortunately, as the car’s fuel tank holds just four gallons, Rainey will need to stop for gas quite frequently.

To prepare for the American trip, Rainey plans to participate in the Royal Automobile Club’s annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Held on November 4, the 60-mile race will be a good warm-up for both Rainey and her classic Oldsmobile. She’s no stranger to driving old cars over long distances: Rainey has previously raced a Jaguar E-Type and a single-seat race car, previously drove a Morris Minor in the 2004 London to Sydney Marathon, and also drove the 5000-mile Carrera Sudamerica in a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

We wouldn’t fancy crossing the continental U.S. in such a crude and primitive car, but good luck to Rainey on her 2826-mile road trip in her merry Oldsmobile.

Source: Royal Automobile Club

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