Brian Sweeney Named Head of Buick-GMC

Following Michael Richard’s extremely short stint in the same position, General Motors announced today it has appointed Brian Sweeney as general manager of the Buick-GMC organization.

Today’s announcement pushes Sweeney further up the Buick-GMC corporate ladder, as he was previously the general sales manager for the two brands. Prior to his appointment to the position in June 2008, Sweeny held various marketing leadership positions within GM after joining the company in 1990.

“Brian has played a pivotal role in strengthening the Buick and GMC brands through his work with our dealers and marketing activities,” said Susan Docherty, vice president of GM sales. “He consolidated 13 different agencies to one dedicated partner to drive a consistent brand message, led the dealer network through a difficult transition, and has earned a reputation for tirelessly driving results that benefit customers.”

GM is subsequently appointing Jennifer Costabile to succeed Sweeny as general sales manager. Costabile has been with GM for 25 years, and was previously a regional sales manager for Cadillac.