Brabus Tunes the 2009 Tesla Roadster

While early customers are just starting to receive their cars, one German tuning firm has already unveiled a hopped-up version of the electric Tesla Roadster. Scheduled for a debut at the 2008 Essen motor show in Germany is the Brabus Tesla Roadster, the first product from Brabus’ new Zero Emissions brand.

Brabus is known for building some incredible tire smoking machines based off of Mercedes-Benz platforms. This doesn’t create a very green image for the company, more of a smoky-haze. Brabus is aiming to fix that with the debut of its Zero Emission division, denoted by the lightning bolt inserted under the Brabus name.

Though Tesla’s 189-kW electric motor is left alone, Brabus does add some substantial visual tricks. Brabus Monoblock S alloy wheels (18-inch wheels in front; 19-inch in back), a matte white paint job, and a ‘space sound generator.’ The latter is similar to a Lotus device designed to help pedestrians hear the car, but Brabus’ system can generate noise akin to a V-8 engine, a Star Trek phaser, or the Millennium Falcon’s warp drive.

The exterior and interior can be customized to suit each owner. Available exterior modifications include LED daytime running lights incorporated into the grill, carbon fiber air inlets, a rear wing, and a new rear diffuser. Likewise, the interior can be infiniately tailored to customers’ tastes, as Brabus offers several different hand-stitched leather and Alcantra trim packages.