Books: Racetracks Remembered

The Nurburgring’s recent financial struggles remind us of the grim realities facing even the most legendary racetracks. These circuits cost enormous sums to maintain and often sit on vast expanses of valuable land. Countless historic venues have fallen prey to developers, “improvements,” or sheer neglect. Some of the names resonate with enthusiasts — Riverside, Avus, Reims — yet many are all but forgotten. They all deserve to be remembered.

1. Speedway: Auto Racing’s Ghost Tracks
$35 by S. S. Collins and Gavin D. Ireland, 2009, Veloce Publishing,

2. Board Track: Guts, Gold & Glory
$100 by Dick Wallen, 1990, Kutztown Publishing,

3. Lost Drag Strips: Ghosts of Quarter-Miles Past
$30 by Tommy Lee Byrd, 2013, CarTech,

4. Legion Ascot Speedway, 1920s-1930s
$50-$100 (out of print) by John R. Lucero, 1982, Orecul Publishing,

5. Runways & Racers: Sports Car Races Held on Military Airfields in America, 1952-1954
$40 by Terry O’Neil, 2011, Veloce Publishing,

6. Where They Raced — Lap 2: Auto Racing Venues in Southern California, 1900-2000
$25 by Harold L. Osmer, 2000, self-published,

7. The History of Brooklands Motor Course, 1906-1940
$50-$75 (out of print) by William Boddy, 1979, Grenville Publishing,