Bob Lutz Calls for Crash Test Moratorium

Bob Lutz, GM’s outspoken vice chairman and product-development chief, is calling for a three year moratorium on some crash testing so that automakers can bring fuel efficient models to the U.S. market faster.

Lutz said the federal government is effectively tying automakers’ hands by demanding a rise in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) while at the same time enforcing safety standards that add weight to new vehicles. If regulators were to give manufacturers a break on crash testing small cars, Lutz said, GM would be able to bring over many of the efficient small cars it sells abroad that do not currently meet U.S. standards.

As it stands GM and other automakers, including Ford, are designing the next generation of their small cars to meet global crash standards. But in some cases, such as that of the not-yet-released Chevrolet Beat, redesigns are years away.

Source: Ward’s Auto