BMW to trim standard features from UK-spec Cars

In an effort to avoid raising its prices due to poor exchange rates in the UK market, BMW will “de-spec” some of its cars. Starting with the 3-series, the company will make some standard features into options.

For example, a 320d coupe with the M Sport package will lose some standard features this month. The electric power steering, introduced as part of the EfficientDynamics program, will become optional and hydraulic power steering will become standard. Also cruise control will become optional on sedans and wagons, but will remain standard on coupes and convertibles. Power seats will also be dropped from some trim levels and sedans will have run-flats on all trims except the ES.

However, BMW will still offer the M sport package on the coupe as well as the metallic paint option for all models for free until the end of this month. So if you’re jonesing for a 3-series and live in the UK, contact your dealer soon to find out what options you have left.

Source: BMW Blog