BMW Releases M Laptimer iPhone App

BMW owners can now record their track days thanks to this free iPhone app.

BMW must think of its owners as a performance-oriented bunch, as it has just announced a newly available smartphone app that can track lap times, record car control data, and even compare times with other BMW drivers. Called the BMW M Laptimer App, the program is only intended for use on closed circuits—not public roads—and is available for any BMW owner with a BMW Apps-equipped vehicle and an iPhone.

The BMW Laptimer App captures data from the vehicle’s onboard computer in conjunction with the GPS system to generate a track map and capture data including throttle, brake, and steering inputs along with engine RPM, fuel level, and g-forces achieved. This information is then used to report driving data like top speed, number of laps, and best lap times. BMW previewed the idea for this app in June with a similar program called BMW M Power.

When the car is no longer in motion, the app presents a scorecard to the driver with a track map showing the car’s progress through the circuit along with all of the information collected during the run. Users can also zoom in and out as well as rewind or fast forward through the lap recordings. Then, users can choose to share track results with others through social media. A special Comparison Mode also allows users to view their laps in direct comparison with another BMW Laptimer app user’s laps.

The BMW M Laptimer App is free on the iTunes app store. Check out the video below to see the app in action.

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