BMW Race Driver Pens Drivers Guide to the Nurburgring

O.K, we’ll admit yesterday’s coverage was a little preoccupied with the course of all courses, die Nürburgring.; If that’s helped to convince yourself you deserve a trip out to Nürburg to ride the ‘Ring, have we got a tour guide for you.; Produced in partnership with BMW is Sport Auto‘s “The Nordschliefe Line” – an awesome guide to tackling the infamous course.

Nearly 25 of 28 pages within the publication surround the best way to tackle the Green Hell, as deemed by Jörg Müller, a BMW Works driver in the World Touring Car Championship.; Rather than give vague information, Müller dissects the track into sections, and further details particular areas that may prove troublesome or of interest.; Are you more of a visual learner?; No worries; an ideal racing line that also illustrates brake points, turn-ins, and ideal gear selections is also included.

Given the level of detail, we wouldn’t recommend using this in-car on your own as you try to tackle the Gesamtstrecke.; Perhaps weeks of devoted study, practice on GT5, or having a navigator recite directions would be better options.
Source: Bimmerfile