BMW previews X1 Crossover with Snow Drifting Video

To demonstrate the capability of BMW’s upcoming X1 crossover, the company has released a video of an X1 prototype drifting in the snow around the Arctic Circle.

BMW decided to shoot some video as it was testing the dynamic handling capabilities of its future mini-SUV. Although the little ute is covered in camo, we can see the its shape resembles a tall wagon. It looks a bit like a shrunken X3 with a more sloped rear window.

The X1 appeared in concept form at the 2008 Paris International Motor Show. It will be the smallest of four BMW SUVs when it is launched. The concept was said to be modeled around the 1-series and was 4.3 inches smaller in length and about 5 inches shorter than the compact X3. The same line of engines from the 1-series is expected to be available when the X1 makes its official debut, although we’re not sure when that will be.



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